So, I’m blessed with two maestros in the family. Riley who plays the piano beautifully provided she likes the song. And if she doesn’t, it sounds as if someone is angrily beating the keys like their attacking a swarm of killer bees.

Then there’s Reid, who will sing to any song he knows, and some he doesn’t. He never finishes a song, which sometimes can be a good thing. That and he can’t commit to a genre; it’s like severe mood swings.

This morning I was serenaded during breakfast by Prince and Purple Rain followed up by That’s Amore – and he nails every word… not necessarily every chord, but every word. Last night Andrea Bocelli was singing Time to Say Goodbye in the shower when suddenly MC Hammer showed up and started whaling Can’t Touch This.

We seldom have a dull moment around the house and pretty much never a quiet one.